Development Support

In order to support development, this section describes an reasonable configuration that enables you to develop Stardust with your preferred editor on your hosting machine while using the virtual machine testbed. Firstly, configure the network settings of the virtual machine testbed to use NAT and setup port forwarding for SSH to permit remote access to the virtual machine, and SMB to support file sharing. For example, under Advanced > Port Forwarding, create the following ports:
Host Port
Guest Port
Secondly, the Samba file server should be configured by editing /etc/samba/smb.conf with the following details:
comment = Workspace
path = /home/[user]/workspace/
browseable = yes
read only = no
guest ok = no
Then execute the following command:
$ sudo smbpasswd -a [user]
Finally, you can connect to the virtual machine testbed on the host using:
$ ssh -p 12345 [email protected]
You can mount the workspace directory where Stardust's code is located by connecting to smb://localhost:12445/[user] which should enable you to use your code editor of choice on the hosting machine by pointing it at workspace/stardust for example.